the good life wales

Mabel Cottage


Average per night

1 Double Bedroom
Hot Tub
Treat Yourself
Fully fitted Kitchen

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Escape to a Country Retreat

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the good life wales

Blaenclydach, Llywel

Powys, LD3 8RD

Call or Email

(+44) 07760 889064

Fresh Food from Local Suppliers

We have sourced the best local butchers; organic fruit & veg suppliers; local wines and beers for your enjoyment. Hampers can be pre-ordered and will be waiting for you on your arrival day. 

Take advantage of the best local products and produce – just select your products from the list below and save yourself more time to enjoy your stay.



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Local Attractions

Limited 15% OFF Rate

Fridge Pack Essentials

The Basics ready in your fridge on arrival

Local Restaurants

Eateries we can recommend

View across the Valley

The Hens in a Huddle

Sunrise at Blaenclydach

Dark Sky status in Wales

Walkway through the Woods

Snowy Veg Garden

Snowy view through the Woods

the good life wales

Starting & £130/night

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Winter Rates

Average $405/night

Divi Luxury Resort

1234 Divi St. San Francisco, CA 29351

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(221) 462-2351

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